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The changing landscape

WCampaigns of yesterday felt satisfied with having radio, print and television coverage to reach their audience. Today however, the Internet is the cornerstone of all serious marketing campaigns. Although banner advertising on the Internet has been around for over a decade, it’s effectiveness has seen a serious decline as people’s attention spans and tolerance for them shrinks. Now, the space is ruled by apps (applications) which are a much more creative and engaging method of utilizing the online medium to reach an audience.

Our style

WAs a digital agency, we work closely with brands and agencies to study their core values, their campaign, the product or service they are promoting and the target audience which they are trying to reach. Based on this information and several conversations with our client we are able to propose what kind of app should be created, which platforms it should leverage (web, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, iPhone or Android to name just a few), how it should look, feel and act.

Bragging rights

WWith over 200 projects under our belt in the last 4 years working in this industry, we can call upon a wealth of experience and expertise to make sure that the best possible experience is created for everyone involved.

Measure success

WMonitoring and analyzing data is a key factor which helps to determine the level of success a campaign achieves and we utilize both custom build and industry standard analytics tools to make sure we gather all the relevant information regarding user behavior over the course of the campaign.

It just makes sense

WAt a fraction of the cost of a standard TV or billboard campaign and with the ability to reach a global audience within minutes, apps have quickly becoming the hottest new marketing trend. Agencies and brands alike have taken notice and in 2014 have allocated a far greater percentage of their marketing budget towards custom apps than ever before. The industry is red hot and the time is now to get a custom app designed and developed that can convey your message while engaging your audience.

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